My Own Programming…

I used to think Rich Froning worked out by himself because he didn’t want others knowing what he was doing to become the Fittest Man in the World 4 years in a row.

I think this may be part of it, but I think it’s for a different reason: Rich does his own programming because only he knows what he needs to work on.

The same goes for me.Image result for empty crossfit box

Since last July, I’ve been doing most of my own strength work.  Most of my own accessory work.  Taking Olympic weightlifting classes.

We are all at different points in our journeys and have different goals.  Whether it’s fitness related, career related, personal, relational, spiritual–we all have different needs in all areas.

The key is to recognize it and do what you need to do to reach your individual goals.

The past 2 weeks I’ve found myself changing the programming regularly, incorporating moves I need to work on:  butterfly pull-ups, handstand push ups, overhead squats, dumbbell work, etc. or even working out on my own.  I’ve found my butterfly pull-ups improving, my handstands, my kip for the muscle up, my strength.

It’s okay to go against the grain.  It’s okay to follow your own path.  To do your own thing.  To walk on the wild side.  To be different, unique, and eccentric.

It’s not only okay.  It’s wonderful, rewarding, fulfilling, and downright fun!  Try it!  Take the path less trodden and see how it feels.  I challenge you!

How to Handle Being Stared At…

It’s summer.

Short skirts.  Even shorter shorts.  Tank Tops.  Bathing suits.  Hair up.

Lots of skin exposed.

And if you have muscle, lots of muscle as well.

Lately, I’ve been stared at A LOT!

Now, I’m fairly good looking with a body only 1% of women have.  It draws attention. Most of it unwelcome.

I was in Starbucks two days ago in my workout gear cause I was heading to teach a fitness class and wanted a drink to heat up after I was finished.

An old guy seated nearby blatantly stared and didn’t break eye contact when I met his gaze.  Uh.

Pumping gas at Costco, a guy in his mid-40’s did the same thing.rob-schneider-comedian-quote-women-always-feel-like-theyre-being

I know I look different than most women.  And I do wear revealing clothes because I do work hard at my body and I want to be comfortable and cool like everyone else.  Plus, I’m tired of trying to be inconspicuous when it doesn’t really work anyways (see post HERE for more of this).

There are two ways to deal with this:

  1. Take it as a compliment.  You are beautiful and men like to look (sometimes stare, glare, gawk, and leer) at beautiful things (they are visual creatures, ya know).
  2. Get upset about it.  Let it bother you and carry it with you all day long.

It’s easier to take it as a compliment than let others bother you.  However, this can be hard.  It DOES get old quick.

My advice:

Be comfortable with yourself and who you are.  Sure, men and women will stare at you. Women are usually envious.  Men are usually lustful.  That is human nature and normal reactions.

Keep in mind:  they don’t affect you unless you let it!  You are in control of your reactions to others.  Let it slide off and move on with your day.  In your heart, mind, and soul is where the beauty lies.  Let it shine!

“Man, You’re Ripped!”

917These are the words one of my CrossFit coaches greeted me with today.  I don’t see her much as she coaches the classes I usually don’t attend, but today I went to a different class.

My mom whom I haven’t seen for a bit either said the exact same thing to me (almost) a few days before.

“Yes, I’ve gotten bigger,” I acknowledge.

I work hard.  And I do get a lot of attention.  There just aren’t that many women walking around who look like me.

It’s a compliment.  And I don’t take compliments all that well.  And it’s a body image thing.  It’s accepting how my body has changed over the past year.  Plus, reconciling how my body looks compared to how society thinks a woman should look is something I don’t think about all that much.

Yes, I know I’m different.  I don’t mind being different.  Still, it has it moments.  However, it’s nice to be acknowledged.  It’s nice to feel beautiful.  Even when beautiful is different.