Find Your Light…

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As I’m flipping around my front room on my mat, practicing handstand hold and walks, realizing how utterly hard this truly is and wondering why I’m doing this, this thought pops in my head.

I hope my kids find something to obsess over as much as I obsess over CrossFit.

Because ultimately I love it.

I truly, deeply love the challenge of CrossFit, the process of learning a new skill, the hard work involved, and the results afterwards once I learn a new move and improving it.  I love how I look.  I love being fit.  I love being healthy.

Of course, you have all the other things that goes along with my lifestyle:  soreness, aches, sprains, etc.

Minor in comparison to what I obtain from CrossFit.

I want each of my kids to find their “something” in this world.  They have to find it or life will suck.  Majorly.

They may not be able to make a living at it (like me and CrossFit).  But they have something which makes their heart sing.  Something they cling to despite the hardships life will throw at them.  Something that propels them forward no matter what. Something that brings them light when life is full of darkness.

This is my prayer for them.  And for you.

Find what makes your heart sing.


Always.  Perpetually.  No matter what.

Don’t let it die.  Don’t surrender it.  Don’t let “life” get in the way.

Find a way.

You will blessed in so many ways if you do…