CrossFit: Going My Own Pace

“Five rounds for time of clean and jerks and chest to bar pull ups.”

CrossFit used to be about speed. I’d chalk up and get ready to beat everyone because I wanted to be the best.

CrossFit for me is no longer about time. It’s about overcoming the mental barriers in my brain. “105 lb clean and jerks. That’s heavy.” Yep, it is. But taking them one at a time makes them not so heavy. Going steady or even slow has become my norm. Why?

Because I want to be able to do the moves efficiently and correctly. It’s more important to me to not get overwhelmed with beating others.

CrossFit: Finishing Strong

CrossFit is also about completing the workout.  Finishing the rounds in AMRAP’s.  Completing all the reps in EMOM’s. Doing the work.

CrossFit is finishing. Pushing beyond what you think you’re capable of. Going the extra mile.

CrossFit is strength: physical and mental–both of which take time to build up.

CrossFit is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to build muscle and power and fortitude.

CrossFit is like life. You run till you can’t run anymore. You live till you take your last breath. All the while letting your heart and soul shine and soar.

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Holding Back…

My hand feels good.  Really good.  To the point I want to be all in again.

I have to tell myself, Not yet.  Hold back.  A few more days.

In the grand scheme of things, a few more days is not that long.  We sleep a bit of it away.  We work some of it.  We spend the rest of the time eating, reading, blogging (of course!), and spending time with our family and doing things together.

Training is just a small part of my life.

Next week, I will probably be 90% in.  I don’t want to lift too heavy right off the bat.  That time will come.  And sooner than my mind tells me.

So like a racehorse who finishes strong, hold back.  The end game is what matters.


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