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Fitness Resolutions: Are They for You?

It’s a fact that three months into the New Year, 73% of people will give up on their fitness or weight loss goals. While these numbers change from year to year, the facts remain the same. This begs the question: Is a fitness resolution for you?


You May Be Setting Yourself Up for Failure

One of the most demoralizing and demotivating things in this world is failing on a goal. While we all fail sometimes to meet our goals, setting ourselves upf or failure is not a good idea. Instead of resolving to lose weight or make it to the gym at your new year resolution, set a smaller goal of passing on dessert once a day or taking more walking breaks at work. Great things are accomplished with little steps, so take those little steps instead of giant leaps.

You May Feel Overwhelmed

While setting lofty goals is great, such as wanting to lose 50 pounds, some people become overwhelmed with the task. Instead, set a much smaller goal, like wanting to lose 2-3 pounds in a month, or choosing healthier foods when you go out to eat. Accomplishing small goals will give us the impetus to accomplish the lofty goals in time.

You May Not Realistically Have the Time

To accomplish any goal in life, from learning to play the piano to losing weight and getting more fit, you have to have the time to put in, or you will not achieve your goals when you want to. This holds true for fitness. Saying you want to hit the gym five times a week when you have a full-time job, a home to care for, and small children to shuttle around may not leave much time for fitness. That being said, be realistic about the time you have and maximize it. Perhaps you can only make it to the gym three times a week, or you can squeeze in a 20-minute walk when the kids are napping. Set realistic goals to give you the push you need to sustain them.


I have set CrossFit goals for 2022 that I hope to achieve. I will work on them, but I’m not going to live or die by if I achieve them. I know they are lofty and will take time, which I have precious little of these days. But they are there, and with a healthy attitude, I will achieve them.

Set your fitness goals and give yourself grace. Feel good about what you do do, and don’t beat yourself up on what you don’t do.

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