CrossFit: CrossFit Hero Workout: Bruck

It’s been two days since I’ve done this Hero Workout, and I’m still sore as heck!  My entire shoulders all across my back.  My arms.

Four rounds of:  400 m run, 24 back squats at 125 lbs, and 24 push jerks at 95 lbs.

This hero workout is named after US Coast Guard Petty Officer Nathan Bruckenthal who died in 2004 in Iraq after the boat he was in exploded.

I was seeking a workout with some squats and a run and thought this would be easy and fun.

It was far from easy.

95 lb push jerks are heavy for me and you do the math (which I didn’t until afterwards) and I did 96 reps for a total weight moved of 9,120 lbs overhead and for the back squats total weight was 12,000 lbs.

I had never sweated as much as I had in my life as I did doing this workout (of course it has been very hot here in Colorado).  It was dripping in my eyes, coated my stomach and backside and drenched my shorts.

It fit the bill of what I was looking for.  Great workout.  Hard work.  And definitely lived up to a CrossFit hero WOD–tough and memorable–in honor of Officer Bruckenthal.