I Don’t Think I Could Pass for an Inexperienced CrossFitter…

I troll Facebook and other sites for CrossFit competitions I can enter and classes I can take.

(Yes, I know, I’m a CrossFit geek).

One said this:  “Great class for the Inexperienced CrossFitter”.  It was at a box I really wanted to experience, and I’m always up for learning new cues, correction on my form, and such.  I was seriously debating about signing up when a little voice inside my head said things like this:

Jen, you don’t look like an inexperienced CrossFitter.

Jen, I think you’d be the only one doing butterfly pull-ups.

Jen, you back squat more than most of the other participants weigh.

Jen, you regularly do 100 unbroken double unders.

Jen, maybe you should re-think this.

So I did.

And I didn’t take the course.

I’ve got problems.  I know.

But at least something inside of me self-corrects!

Thank God!