Humbled by the Pull-UP…Again…

Today we had pull-ups in our WOD.

I haven’t really been doing pull-ups lately becaus789cdc4734fe45f558a8b1d24241d0f6e I’ve been focusing on toes-to-bar and bar muscle-ups.

So, needless to say, it seems my butterfly kip had gone to pot.  It took me a couple of rounds to find it.

Then I just skipped the WOD completely at the end and just did pull-ups until I felt confident in my butterfly again.

I left with a nice blood blister–and the conviction that I gotta do more pull-ups regularly.


It’s always something that gets me.

Will I EVER get to the point when I will have it all mastered?

No, silly.  That’s why you do CrossFit.

Ok, then, how about some things mastered?

Time to re-do my skill workouts…