Dealing With Injuries…

Over the weekend, I pulled or strained a muscle in my right arm.  I’ve had bicep tendonitis before in this arm.  I wasn’t even doing anything.  It just happened.t-sportsinjuries-enhd-ar1

Now, it’s a waiting game.  And it sucks.  Doing nothing overhead.  Trying not to lift any heavy weights.  Icing and compressing.  Aleve.  Avoiding the gym so I don’t lift any heavy weights.

On a positive note, I’m finally recovered from the Tough Mudder.  I did my own WOD today of run 1 mile, 100 double unders, run 1 mile, 100 double unders and I felt really good.  I feel finally ready to run a 5k again.

Like I posted last week, it’s always something.  Now, it’s my arm.

In the long run, it’s a good thing.  I needed a break and a rest, and it’s extremely hard for me to do this myself.  I see a muscle activation specialist this afternoon and I’m praying it’s not too bad.

No matter what I’ll still need to be careful for the next few weeks.  Muscles are finicky and once strained desire plenty of recovery time.  The Tough Mudder was 3 weeks.  I’m imagining this will be as well.

Three weeks of pining for the gym and urging speedy recovery.  Three weeks of being extremely careful and cognizant of what I do.  Three weeks of blah.