loveland turkey trot 2021

Loveland Turkey Trot 2021

This Thanksgiving, my oldest daughter and I decided to run the Loveland Turkey Trot in Loveland, Colorado. We’ve never run this race, and it was a new course that was right off I-25, so it was easy for us to get to.

Overall, the course was not the best. It was run on pavement and involved two switchbacks where you ran down a road and back. It basically felt like you were running around car lots.

There was little snacks and food afterward, the results were not posted immediately, and it was very disorganized. It was a beautiful day to run, but we won’t be doing this 5k race again.

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Update on HIIT Classes

crossfit running
Crossfit running

Two months ago, I started doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes to try to improve my fitness and actually push myself, because one of the pitfalls of working out by yourself is not pushing yourself. Every time, I get my butt kicked in HIIT class. But overall I hadn’t noticed any significant change.

Until this week.

This week I went jogging like I normally do. When I jog, I do just that — jog. I don’t push myself. I just run up and down the street to get my heart rate up and get a little cardio in. Well, when I took a look at my heartrate report, I noticed something — I hadn’t hit peak heart rate the entire time I was jogging — I was in cardio the entire time. That’s when I knew; I knew HIIT classes were working.

Needless to say, I’m super excited. Not excited that I’ll have to push myself on my jogs now, but excited I’m improving. I’m itching for 5k season to come around, so I can really test HIIT classes and see if my 5k time has improved and I start winning more 5ks. Because, despite working out by myself, it is all about winning — no matter what I’m doing.

Dealing With Injuries…

Over the weekend, I pulled or strained a muscle in my right arm.  I’ve had bicep tendonitis before in this arm.  I wasn’t even doing anything.  It just happened.t-sportsinjuries-enhd-ar1

Now, it’s a waiting game.  And it sucks.  Doing nothing overhead.  Trying not to lift any heavy weights.  Icing and compressing.  Aleve.  Avoiding the gym so I don’t lift any heavy weights.

On a positive note, I’m finally recovered from the Tough Mudder.  I did my own WOD today of run 1 mile, 100 double unders, run 1 mile, 100 double unders and I felt really good.  I feel finally ready to run a 5k again.

Like I posted last week, it’s always something.  Now, it’s my arm.

In the long run, it’s a good thing.  I needed a break and a rest, and it’s extremely hard for me to do this myself.  I see a muscle activation specialist this afternoon and I’m praying it’s not too bad.

No matter what I’ll still need to be careful for the next few weeks.  Muscles are finicky and once strained desire plenty of recovery time.  The Tough Mudder was 3 weeks.  I’m imagining this will be as well.

Three weeks of pining for the gym and urging speedy recovery.  Three weeks of being extremely careful and cognizant of what I do.  Three weeks of blah.