CrossFit Poem: Wallballs in the Dark

Wallballs in the Dark

CrossFit Competitions Outdoors
CrossFit Competitions Outdoors

Fall leaves rustle

Background music

Moonlight shines

Can’t choose and pick.


Sprint to the finish

Grind through the course

Squat and push

Reps are the force.

Snatch and catch

Push and pull


Bliss in the lull.

Response To Change…


Conflicted as the night

Troubled—to the point of flight

Heavy-hearted—that is true.

More accurately—very blue.

Nothing fun in change.

Rocking the boat—always strange.

“Wait and see.”

Blah! I’d rather plea,

“Say it ain’t so.”

I can’t deal as you know.

Luckily, time never stops

Ending all the flips and flops.

“Could be better than you imagine”

I believe that as much as a dragon.

Nothing to do

I have no clue.


And on I press.

Written when I found out my box was being sold to new owners.