I Spent All My Birthday Money on CrossFit…

I’m not a shopper.

Nor am I “the look” freak.

But I do need gear.  And to get better at CrossFit.

All of my money gets invested into improving myself at CrossFit.

Two years ago for my birthday I spent $1000 on Level 1 CrossFit Certification.

This year I spent $500 on USAW Level 1 Certification.  I also got a new pair of lifters for almost $200.  I spent money on a bar muscle up course.  And I just purchased a handstand walk course through WodPrep as well.

I have problems, I’ll readily admit.

I want to win.  Every WOD.  Every time.handstand-walk

I want to beat everyone.  The boys included.

I want to do REALLY well in the Open this year.  Much better than last year.

And I’m relentless once I get an idea in my head.

Take handstand walks.  It’s my new obsession.  I’m resting my arm right now to not further tweak it, but I’ve been doing non-stop drills to get my handstand walk.

Ring muscle-ups are on the priority list as well.

This is all in addition to my strength program.


I want to be the best.  CrossFit is my passion.

I want to be the best at my passion.  Who doesn’t want that?