crossfit women practicing ring muscle ups in crossfit

Strict Ring Muscle Up Practice

Another one of my CrossFit goals in the next six months is ring muscle ups. So I’ve been doing my own drills in the quest to develop strength for these. Here is another video of me doing practicing strict muscle up drills. Let me know what you think, and I’d love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel (you don’t have to watch — just subscribe!). Thanks!

CrossFit: Update on Ring Muscle Ups

crossfit women practicing ring muscle ups in crossfit
Practicing Ring Muscle Ups CrossFit

I’ve been taking private lessons for over six months now to get my ring muscle up.

And I’m close.

Yesterday, my coach gave me a boost, and I did 10 ring muscle ups with his help. I definitely felt more confident, especially in the catch.

And it was fun!

The reason I do CrossFit is because I don’t ever get bored with it. And ring muscle ups are definitely not boring.

It’s been a long time coming, but I can’t wait for that moment when it happens!

CrossFit: Granite Games Finish…


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Ring Muscle Ups

“What I need is for ring muscle ups to show up either in a competition or the Granite Games,” I remarked to my daughter.  “Then I’ll have incentive to get one.”

Well, guess what?  They showed up the next week in the Granite Games qualifier as workout #5.

I was excited.  As excited as you can get about muscle ups when you don’t have them and you need them for a competition.  And I had almost gotten one the day before.

However, going into the workout, I was sore from the week and from practicing muscle ups.  My mind was just not there.  It wasn’t my time…

I came in 83rd overall for my age group.

Not bad considering my score on Workout #5 was a big, fat zero since I couldn’t get a ring muscle up.

The last workout with dumbbell thrusters surprised me.  Surprised me because I did better than I thought I was going to do.

I entered the Granite Games on a whim.  No expectations.  Not really caring where I finished or how I did.  Just to do it…

All the workouts were hard.  Some were insane struggles just to keep moving.  But overall I learned a ton.  Had a good time with my fellow box members who took on the challenge along with me.  Progressed mentally more than anything.  Which at this point in my career is where I’m at:  breaking down mental barriers as to what I think I can and can’t do.

Final verdict:  Worth every sweat drop and bruise!

Next year?  Who knows…

Beating Everyone in my Box…

I’m pretty hard on myself.

Very hard.

If I can’t do a movement, it’s frustrating.

Extremely so.

Currently, it’s ring muscle ups. I’m practicing my butt off and still feel far away from getting them, and I’m at the point of giving up.

Then a WOD (or workout) shows up that I beat everyone in.

It was Hotshots 19, a Hero Workout similar to Murph, named after the 19 firefighters who lost their lives from the Granite Mountain Hotshots team. The workout is:

6 Rounds for Time:

30 air squats

19 power cleans (135/95)

7 strict pull ups

400 m run

My time was 30:47. And it was the best in the box of those who did it. This workout played to all of my strengths: over 30 minutes, body weight movements, a run, and light power cleans for me.

It is encouraging because often I think I’m not all that good, and there’s so much more I need to be better at. Which is true: there is a ton I need to improve on. But in 2 1/2 years of CrossFit I’ve come a long way and it’s shown in my physique and my mentality.  And beating everyone goes a long way on those days you feel like giving up.

Don’t.  Give.  Up.

Now, if only I could get those damn ring muscle ups…

I Spent All My Birthday Money on CrossFit…

I’m not a shopper.

Nor am I “the look” freak.

But I do need gear.  And to get better at CrossFit.

All of my money gets invested into improving myself at CrossFit.

Two years ago for my birthday I spent $1000 on Level 1 CrossFit Certification.

This year I spent $500 on USAW Level 1 Certification.  I also got a new pair of lifters for almost $200.  I spent money on a bar muscle up course.  And I just purchased a handstand walk course through WodPrep as well.

I have problems, I’ll readily admit.

I want to win.  Every WOD.  Every time.handstand-walk

I want to beat everyone.  The boys included.

I want to do REALLY well in the Open this year.  Much better than last year.

And I’m relentless once I get an idea in my head.

Take handstand walks.  It’s my new obsession.  I’m resting my arm right now to not further tweak it, but I’ve been doing non-stop drills to get my handstand walk.

Ring muscle-ups are on the priority list as well.

This is all in addition to my strength program.


I want to be the best.  CrossFit is my passion.

I want to be the best at my passion.  Who doesn’t want that?