Do I DARE to Hope?

I told you all yesterday how I re-did CrossFit Open workout 18.1 and improved substantially.

Well, that improvement jumped me to the top 20 in my region in my age group…which got me thinking about Regionals?  Could I make it?  Do I dare to hope?  To dream?CrossFit DNR 8

It hasn’t ever been a goal of mine–Regionals–or the Games.  It just seemed so far out of my reach.  The Games athletes are professionals. They spend hours every day working out.

To tell the truth, it scares me because I don’t have muscle ups or handstand walks consistently or pistols.  I would have to work my butt off if I made it to have these by Regionals in a few months.

Whether I make it or not, I’m enjoying the thought of it.

The whole point of the Open for us lay people is to see how much we’ve improved since last year.  Based off of Workout number one, I’m VASTLY improved. This does wonders for the mind because sometimes it feels as if I’m wasting my time with all this hard work.  Being sore all the time.  Tweaks here and there.  Massages and muscle activation just so I can move again.  Hours and hours dedicated.



Currently, I’m sitting in 33rd place.  I’m very excited about this.  I will probably fall down as the workouts emerge.  But all the blood, sweat, tears, soreness, pain, anxiety, sacrifices and heartache are worth it. Even if it doesn’t last.

But for me I won.  In my heart and mind I’ve won.

This is better than any expectations I could ever have.

So I’m going to enjoy Cloud 9 while it lasts.  Savor the moment.  Then get right back to work!!