Chop Wood, Carry Water

Image result for chop wood carry waterChop Wood, Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf is a book that will change your life if you apply all its principles.

In this book we follow John who as a child had a dream to be a samurai archer.  As a young adult, he travels to Japan to make this a reality.

Little does he realize that it takes years to become an archer, not a few weeks.  In fact, he’s not even allowed to touch a bow for months.  First, he had to learn to chop wood and carry water, which he did every day he lived in the complex.  Chop Wood, Carry Water is a euphemism for the process, both internal and external, one must go through to be great.  It’s the fundamentals.  It’s the person you become in the process, while achieving your life skills.

In total, John spends 10 years in Japan before he graduates as an archer.  However, he has gained what most people don’t:  a character that dares to do what others won’t, who works hard in the process, and someone with a purpose in life.

This book is so full of life nuggets that it’s hard to cover all of them in such a short post.  Here are some of my favorite principles from this book:

“Choose to do what others won’t, and eventually you will be able to do what others can’t.”

“My value comes from who I am, not from what I do.”

“You are building your own house.”

“Choosing to believe that anything that happens is in your best interest…will develop within you an ability to change the world.”

“The setbacks of today become the forging blades of greatness for tomorrow.”

“Every little thing we do matters greatly when it is multiplied by the number of times we do it.”

“Focus on the process; control the controllables.”

“In order to reach your greatest potential you must operate with a heart posture of gratitude, commit to the controllables, surrender the outcome, and trust the process.”



Do I DARE to Hope?

I told you all yesterday how I re-did CrossFit Open workout 18.1 and improved substantially.

Well, that improvement jumped me to the top 20 in my region in my age group…which got me thinking about Regionals?  Could I make it?  Do I dare to hope?  To dream?CrossFit DNR 8

It hasn’t ever been a goal of mine–Regionals–or the Games.  It just seemed so far out of my reach.  The Games athletes are professionals. They spend hours every day working out.

To tell the truth, it scares me because I don’t have muscle ups or handstand walks consistently or pistols.  I would have to work my butt off if I made it to have these by Regionals in a few months.

Whether I make it or not, I’m enjoying the thought of it.

The whole point of the Open for us lay people is to see how much we’ve improved since last year.  Based off of Workout number one, I’m VASTLY improved. This does wonders for the mind because sometimes it feels as if I’m wasting my time with all this hard work.  Being sore all the time.  Tweaks here and there.  Massages and muscle activation just so I can move again.  Hours and hours dedicated.



Currently, I’m sitting in 33rd place.  I’m very excited about this.  I will probably fall down as the workouts emerge.  But all the blood, sweat, tears, soreness, pain, anxiety, sacrifices and heartache are worth it. Even if it doesn’t last.

But for me I won.  In my heart and mind I’ve won.

This is better than any expectations I could ever have.

So I’m going to enjoy Cloud 9 while it lasts.  Savor the moment.  Then get right back to work!!

Trust the Process…

“Queen Impatient”.db4974f641c5be2292b40f79a31c5d15-travel-inspiration-motivation-inspiration

You could call me that.

So when I tell myself to “trust the process” I feel like such a hypocrite.

But in the end, that’s the only choice I have.  Anything else is undue stress.

Because if you want to be good at anything in life, it takes time.

Handstand walks.

I want them so bad.

And I’m close.

Trust the process.

Olympic lifting.

I want great form.

Small steps.

Trust the process.

Losing weight and maintaining my diet for the rest of my life.

Trust the process.  Trust the process.  Trust the process…