I’m Tired of Hiding my Muscles…

Job interviews.  A necessary evil.  Always uncomfortable.  Never fun.

Lately, I’ve been seeking another part-time job.  I had an interview last week, and I wore a nice sleeveless dress.  In the past, I would NEVER have done this.

Because my muscles show.  And I never know what people think of a woman with muscles and I didn’t want to bias any of them.

Last year, I was seeking a job as well, and I purposely wore clothes on every interview to hide my muscles.  I didn’t want to be judged because of them.  Furthermore, if a man was interviewing me, I didn’t think he’d find them all that attractive and may even be jealous.  And I didn’t want that.

This time around I have a different attitude:  I don’t care any more if I’m judged because of my muscles.  I work damn hard at my body and I like showing them off.  I like wearing form-fitting dresses and skirts.  I like being a woman and I shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

And it’s summer.  I can’t exactly wear a sweater or long sleeves.  So a sleeveless dress makes sense.

Besides, my CrossFit certification is on my resume.  I can’t exactly hide it, now can I?  Nor do I want to.  Not anymore.

I’m strong and proud.  As we all should be.  No matter our body types.