CrossFit Competitions for Lay Persons…

So I was asked after my last CrossFit Competition, “What is a CrossFit competition?” by someone who has no concept of what CrossFit is.

My first reaction, “Well, it’s a day you pay money to get your ass kicked.  It was awesome!”

But I decided against that response since it sounded like only insane people would do such a thing (I know, all CrossFitters are insane, but you get the point).

A CrossFit competition is usually a day-long event (sometimes two days) on the weekends that consists of several workouts against other competitors.  They can be individual or team competitions.  Obviously the goal is to win.

Anyone can sign up and compete and they’re fun!  They also are killer most of the time and it takes your body several days to recover because they are designed to push your limits.  Competitions expose your weaknesses and your strengths.  They motivate you to do better and improve.

For me, it’s all about winning.  Last competition, I got 5th.  Next one I’m signed up for is February 17th.  It’s a partner one.  And I’m aiming to win!