The True Cost of CrossFit…

I woke up today with my right hamstring locked up.  So tight it felt like a log.

I grab the hot stuff and lather it on.  It burns.  Hot.Me Rowing

My leg loosened.

Why? I say.  Why?

When I think of all the money I spend maintaining my body, all the hours, all the sacrifices…

Is this worth it?

What would happen if I gave it up?

What would I do with all that time and resources?

It’s all mental.  You versus yourself.  It’s the every day drudgery.  It’s the getting out of bed, rolling into the gym and doing a workout when you don’t want to.  It’s doing things no one else does.

But why?

Because at the end of the workout–when all is said and done–the feeling is better than drugs or alcohol or anything else (except maybe the coffee when I get home!).

It’s the accomplishment.  The satisfaction.  The “I can’t believe I just did that” feeling that I’m addicted to.

And that’s why…