Even When I’m Down and Out…

I’m still on top.

I went to my early morning CrossFit class today.  Yesterday, I had food poisoning so I missed class.  I didn’t feel the best.  My stomach was still upset.  But I felt about 80% so I went.

It was a long met-con with double unders, wall balls, and sumo deadlift high-pulls.  I took it easy right out of the gate and paced myself, not wanting to overdo anything.  I still beat all the ladies and most of the guys in my class.

I tend to think of myself as good at CrossFit.  But what I realized today is that I’m more than good.  Admittedly, I’m not your average CrossFitter.  I know that.  But it’s hard to think of yourself as more than good when there’s so many above you who are better.

I CrossFit for many reasons.  One of the primary reasons is to beat others.  I’m a hard-core competitor and I don’t like to finish last (although sometimes I do and I’m okay with that because those are the moves I need to work on the most).

I left the box feeling much better physically than before.  I was excited I beat a lot of others.  And in a few days I’ll be back to my A-game.  But most importantly, I learned just how good I am.  Will it go to my head?  No.  I’ll always just be good in my mind.  But occasionally I will be better than good.  Like today.  And on those days….

I relish it like a five-course meal…

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