Why I CrossFit

Hot Crossfit chicks crossfit competition
Power Snatch in CrossFit Competition

The CrossFit Games is not your average athlete. The CrossFit Games’ athletes are professionals who work out many hours every day. Most have professional coaches who do their programming.

I CrossFit once a day. I take rest days. I push myself but smartly. I strive and am competitive but am okay if I don’t win.


  • To push my body to its limits
  • To transform my body composition and looks
  • To do things others don’t or won’t
  • To strengthen my mind
  • To improve my self-confidence
  • To improve my self-esteem
  • To have fun
  • To constantly challenge myself
  • To be different

It’s hard at this moment to quantify CrossFit and what it means to me. But this is my attempt.

Even When I’m Down and Out…

I’m still on top.

I went to my early morning CrossFit class today.  Yesterday, I had food poisoning so I missed class.  I didn’t feel the best.  My stomach was still upset.  But I felt about 80% so I went.

It was a long met-con with double unders, wall balls, and sumo deadlift high-pulls.  I took it easy right out of the gate and paced myself, not wanting to overdo anything.  I still beat all the ladies and most of the guys in my class.

I tend to think of myself as good at CrossFit.  But what I realized today is that I’m more than good.  Admittedly, I’m not your average CrossFitter.  I know that.  But it’s hard to think of yourself as more than good when there’s so many above you who are better.

I CrossFit for many reasons.  One of the primary reasons is to beat others.  I’m a hard-core competitor and I don’t like to finish last (although sometimes I do and I’m okay with that because those are the moves I need to work on the most).

I left the box feeling much better physically than before.  I was excited I beat a lot of others.  And in a few days I’ll be back to my A-game.  But most importantly, I learned just how good I am.  Will it go to my head?  No.  I’ll always just be good in my mind.  But occasionally I will be better than good.  Like today.  And on those days….

I relish it like a five-course meal…