2017 Breakdown of All the Money I’ve Spent on CrossFit…

I’m praying my husband doesn’t read this.

Here’s the money I spent on CrossFit this year:

$499 USAW Level 1 Certification

$179 New Nike Romaleos Lifters

$45 New Jump Rope

$90 New grips

$250 Weight vest and extra weights

$265 CrossFit Competitions

$1000 CrossFit Box membership fees

$150 CrossFit workout clothesCrossFit Comp 2

$40 Weight belt

$110 CrossFit Nano 6 Shoes

$20 Bandaids

$60 Hot Stuff/gloves

$960 Massages for a year

$800 Muscle Activation Sessions

$50 Barbell clips

$80 Oly Classes

Grand Total:  $4598

Way I feel and look:  priceless.


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