Updated Costs of CrossFit

Like all hobbies, there’s usually a cost involved to participate. Some hobbies are more expensive than others, and the level of expense can vary, depending on how involved you are or how much you want to spend.

This year, I’ve spent a TON  on CrossFit. I did an update 6 months ago HERE. Here’s the cost since then:


Hot CrossFit Chicks wearing weight vest and hoisting sand bag
CrossFit Weight Vest and Sand Bag
  • Rower — $1000
  • Rogue Echo Assault Bike — $750
  • CrossFit competitions — about $600
  • CrossFit clothes — $250
  • CrossFit No Bull Shoes — $130
  • Rogue Women’s Operator Barbell — $290
  • Kettlebell — $50
  • Brute Force Sandbags & Sand — $400
  • Massage — $525
  • Muscle Activation Therapy — $300
  • Box Membership — $458.50
  • Chiropractor — $200
  • Sum total: $4953.50

Add this to the total for CrossFit since May, which was $2,067 and the Grand total is:


I spent a ton this year on my home CrossFit gym, which is CrossFit equipment that will last me a lifetime. Still, hobbies are expensive. Luckily, I really only have CrossFit, and luckily, I got a new job to pay for all of this.

It’s worth it — to have a passion that keeps you in shape, happy about yourself, relieves stress, and is healthy is actually priceless. I thought I spent a lot more than seven thousand dollars on CrossFit.

What’s your passion you spend a lot on?

2017 Breakdown of All the Money I’ve Spent on CrossFit…

I’m praying my husband doesn’t read this.

Here’s the money I spent on CrossFit this year:

$499 USAW Level 1 Certification

$179 New Nike Romaleos Lifters

$45 New Jump Rope

$90 New grips

$250 Weight vest and extra weights

$265 CrossFit Competitions

$1000 CrossFit Box membership fees

$150 CrossFit workout clothesCrossFit Comp 2

$40 Weight belt

$110 CrossFit Nano 6 Shoes

$20 Bandaids

$60 Hot Stuff/gloves

$960 Massages for a year

$800 Muscle Activation Sessions

$50 Barbell clips

$80 Oly Classes

Grand Total:  $4598

Way I feel and look:  priceless.