I Didn’t Push Myself…And I’m Pissed About it

I didn’t push myself today because I had the pacing off.c63867518e8936494600c4cb25f77b09

I’m pissed off about it and will re-do the workout tomorrow.

I know I can do better and it sucks.

Two things I’m noticing:

1) I have nothing in me on Thursdays.  I was swimming on Thursdays for active recovery but can’t resist a good CrossFit workout,but now I’ve decided after today to just do the workout on my own if it’s good.  I HAVE to take Thursdays off and get back in the pool.  Period.  Otherwise, I just go to CrossFit and my workout sucks and it pisses me off.  This is the second week this has happened.

2)  When no one shows up to work against, I become lackadaisical.  And I hate that.  I have to find a way to push myself even when no one is at my level.  And I just haven’t found that yet.

Lessons learned only through experience.  My body needs rest.  AND I have to push myself even when I’m way out in front.  I have to.  Now finding that inner drive will be the hard part.


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