2017 End of Year Stats…

Hey all!

I wanted to share with you my growth in strength over the last year.  Here are the numbers:

Back squat:  Previous:  180.  Current PR:  210  Percentage increase:  16.67%

Front squat:  Previous:  140.  Current PR:  175  Percentage increase:  25%

Overhead squat:  Previous:  100 Current PR:  115  Percentage increase:  15%

Squat Clean:  Previous:  105  Current PR:  140 Percentage increase:  33.33%

Power Clean:  Previous:  110  Current PR:  135 Percentage increase:  22.72%

Bench Press:  Previous:  100  Current PR:  102  Percentage increase:  2%

Split Jerk:  Previous:  115  Current PR:  140  Percentage increase:  21.74%

Snatch:  Previous:  90  Current PR:  105  Percentage increase:  16.67%

Deadlift:  Previous:  185  Current PR:  230  Percentage increase:  24.32%

These numbers are a little surprising.  I’ve made the biggest jumps in Olympic lifts.  The bench press number is skewed as I haven’t maxed bench press in a while.  Same for back squat.  I’m happy with my deadlift progress.

I can’t back off as the New Year and the Open approaches.  I definitely want my back squat to improve this coming year and my deadlift.  My Olympic lifts will follow.

2018 will be a good year.  A good year indeed.


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