Where Do CrossFitters Fit In?

Image result for fitting inThis thought came to mind as I was re-canting a recent job interview.  It was with a very well known national company that embraced the “come as you are” theme.  So I thought, “Perfect!  I’ll fit in great here!”

But as I met the gals in my prospective department it became abundantly clear I would not.  On the tour of the facility, no one else looked like me.  I get it, I do.  Not a lot of people do.  And because of the sport I choose to do, I eat differently, live differently, do things differently.


It begged the question above:  Just where do CrossFitters Fit in?

I don’t have an answer to that (so leave a comment if you do!).  I’m still trying to figure it out myself.

I think that’s why I’m still searching in life.  How am I supposed to spend my time and what am I supposed to be doing with the time I have left?

10 thoughts on “Where Do CrossFitters Fit In?

  1. Posts like this make me so cross. Not with you, but with anyone who can make you feel like that. If you like what you’re doing then carry on. Life is far too short and precious to not do what makes you happy. Just be you – and be the best you that you can be!
    As for “fitting in” – only dead fish go with the stream 😊

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  2. I read this post a few days ago, started writing a comment, then stopped because I couldn’t word it properly.

    I didn’t fully understand what was bothering you about your appearance as my friends are from all over the world and in all shapes and sizes…even well toned and muscular!

    Are these girls really judgemental or something, or are they disappointed that you won’t come out drinking with them on a Friday night because you have training on a Saturday?

    Maybe they wish they were more like you!

    I hope they start to see past the superficial stuff soon.

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  3. I get it.. I look more like a marketing sales person, I wear lipstick, earrings, a scarf — not super fancy, but try to look nice. I worked in media sales and that’s how we dress. Not long ago I was interviewing for a purchasing position in an aerospace manufacturing company. I did not fit in. They looked at me wondering where I came from and I looked at them thinking, “don’t you care to look nice anymore and instead look like you are heading to do the laundry at home.”

    What I see is that each industry has a certain type of look/dress code, sometimes we just don’t fit the code.

    I get what you say about fitting in. You don’t want to be in an enviroment where you are all clones of each other, but you can’t go into an enviroment where exercise, eating right, etc. is important to you and the other people are slouches. Your day would be spent with “you thinking they should take care of themselves,” and they would be thinking, “that lady needs to slow down!”

    Like they say in sales… “one more NO, brings us closer to a YES.”

    The KEY is trying to find that PERFECT place… if you are trying, you are getting closer to finding what would make you happy!

    Thanks for honestly sharing your feelings! I get it, I’m going through something similar!

    Here’s to conquering the mountain!

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