No Gutz No Glory

Image may contain: one or more peopleI spent the weekend at the No Gutz No Glory CrossFit competition in Denver, CO, at CrossFit Omnia.

It was fun!  The weather was gorgeous.  The people were great.  Good competition.  Great atmosphere.

My partner was from CrossFit Omnia, and he was good.  We did really well together considering we’d never met before.  We placed 18th out of 30 teams.  Not bad.  Our weakness was the strength ladder (that was me–he cleared it) and the rowing.  Our syncho moves were spot on.

My legs were gone by the last WOD (workout), but we did pretty good.  I’m a bit sore this morning but nothing too bad.

Good fun.  Great time.  Looking forward to this one next year!  Shouts out to Omnia for hosting!

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