I Did it Again…

I’m injured.Image result for unexpected injuries


This time it’s my right foot.

I dropped a weight.  It bounced.  Hit the top of my foot.

Some days I don’t know why I bother.

I was super pissed off.

At least it’s not broken, and my only restrictions are no running or jumping for one week.

I can handle that.


Never makes your day…

26 thoughts on “I Did it Again…

  1. This does not sound good… were you pushing yourself too hard again, sounds like maybe the weight was too much?? Usually injuries are warnings… slow down a little bit. Did your wrist, I think it was, heal nicely?

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      1. Ok, good. I hate to see another post saying NOW you really have to stop completely for 6 months!! It’s hard getting older because our mind thinks we are 18, but we have to listen to what our body says. Push, but within reason!

        Have you heard of the Forsa Sword class? Look up this Italian woman who has her fitness company in NY: Ilaria Montagnani fitness. She is really driven like you. I want to do her sword exercises… anyhow, in looking her up, I saw she has breast cancer and is doing a film about it. LOOK at her photos, I think you’ll appreciate where she is coming from… you have the same thinking as she does, I think.

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