When a Forced Break is Good…

Now that I can’t run or jump for one week, I’m forced to take a break from those activities.

This is a good thing.

Otherwise, I’m unsure if I would or not…

Comp Friends
Chilling with the girls!

I’ve been doing my own workouts for the past few days, focusing on active recovery.

It’s been nice.


Since for the past month I’ve been going non-stop.

I’m sure I’ll be itching to get back into the game.

But not quite yet…

8 thoughts on “When a Forced Break is Good…

  1. I enjoy walking a lot, and every few weeks it’s a real struggle. I know then that I need a more restful day.

    It’s quite easy to overdo even relatively gentle exercises, and it must be said that it’s nice to know you’re doing the right thing plonking your bottom on the sofa.

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