Accounting for CrossFit…

2018 is already almost half-way done!  Can you believe that?!

I thought I’d update you all to the total cost of what I spent on CrossFit and maintaining my body since it’s probably already up to the total of last year’s amount:

Muscle activation:  $750

Massages:  $475

Chiropractor:  $264

Sprained wrist:  Haven’t received the bill yet

Bruised foot:  Haven’t received the bill yet

Dumbbells:  $57Image result for crossfit

CrossFit clothes:  $120

Murph Challenge:  $45

CrossFit membership fees:  $100

CrossFit competitions:  $207

Body Fat Composition Testing:  $66

Grand Total:  $2,084

This is less than I thought I think because I’m already thinking of the doctor’s bills.  Do I feel better about this?  No.  I still work to pay for CrossFit.

This morning I did Whitten.  So, yes, CrossFit is worth it and then some!

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