Memorial Day Murph…

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Today our box did Murph, a CrossFit Hero workout that is traditionally done on Memorial Day weekend in honor of those who died for our freedom.

Lieutenant Michael Murphy (whom Murph is named after) has an amazing story. Every part of this workout sucks (it was his favorite), and when we put ourselves through this, we honor his memory, his acts, and his sacrifice for what he believed in. The Murph Challenge run by his family is a foundation to support scholarships and a training facility.

It was hot. 85 degrees hot. I wanted to PR. I was 40 seconds off. It was a good score though (37:47), but I’ve never done it in such heat. YUCK! I was dripping in sweat. But as always it was a butt-kicker. And after it was over, it’s a wonderful feeling.

To all those honoring Lieutenant Murphy this weekend, thank you. Thank you to all the men and women who tirelessly and furiously defend this country and our freedoms and who fight for what’s right. It’s an honor to remember you all! God bless!



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