Running in Colorado: Garden of the Gods 10k…

Running in Colorado:  Garden of the Gods 10k

I ran my very first 10k.

I’ve run a marathon in college and several half-marathons but never a 10k

This one was absolutely breathtaking.  It was held in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO, is an amazing park that’s a Registered National Landmark. It features 300′ towering sandstone rock formations with Pikes Peak in the background.  The park was closed down for our run.


The weather was perfect at 7:30 am start time. Around 66 degrees and cloudy skies, we began with a huge hill climb. The course was lots of up and down hills and very few flat areas, which I tried to make the most of. It was hard to realize how hard the run was with beauty all around you.

Both my daughter and I won our age groups and received a cool, engraved mug. I finished about 30 seconds behind her and both of us in under an hour. What a fun and memorable day!

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