Working Out Alone is Not for Everyone…

Sometimes being alone is good.

You can listen to your thoughts.  Get a lot of work done without distractions.  Reconnect with yourself.

Sometimes, however, you need support and a push.

I like to work out alone.  No one judging.  I can do my own thing on my own time.

However, it can be challenging at times.

Today for example.

I had to do heavy push jerks.  I hate heavy push jerks because they are hard for me.  I never want to do them.  They suck.  And there were 20 of them.  In a row.

I did these one at a time, and they were tough.  The only thing that kept me going is my innate desire to finish and to conquer.  Otherwise, I would have quit because no part of me wanted to do them.

It’s all too easy to quit when you’re alone.  Because no one is looking.  No one is judging.  No one is there to care or to let down.

Except you.Image result for picture working out alone

And I can’t let myself down.

The key here is know yourself.  If you need support, go in a group.  If you’re a loner, go it alone.  Or mix it up like I do.

Know yourself and be honest with yourself.

In the end, that’s what makes you a better person.

7 thoughts on “Working Out Alone is Not for Everyone…

  1. Love your post Angel! I’ve tried and keep trying at times to work out alone, but to no avail. I don’t mind running alone, but not working out. I just can’t seem to do it. I need that setting, that push, that whatever it is that keeps me coming back and keeps the needs for more. I LOVE to workout, just not alone. So, my hat is off to you for your workout ethic and all you accomplish! Cheers Angel!

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  2. I have been doing crossfit for two months and I have found that the group setting is what has really helped me hold myself accountable. (But, I do hate the Saturday classes where you are partnered up with two or three people. When I am in a class of 10 and I am doing a low weight because that’s the best I can do, it’s one thing. But to have people waiting on you and watching you is so much more intimidating. In that case, I do like to be on my one – in a group setting. An oxymoron I guess.)

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