CrossFit: Weightlifting Makes You Intimidating

CrossFit Clean and Jerk
CrossFit Clean and Jerk

I’ve been called intimidating too many times lately to not write about it.

Last week, I was told I was intimidating because I’m very self confident.

I think it’s a combination of my physique and my self-confidence.

However, I do believe the better you feel about yourself and how you look, the more self-confident you become.

What do you all think?

2 thoughts on “CrossFit: Weightlifting Makes You Intimidating

  1. I had a friend that a few years back was having a tough time with her self-esteem as well as her self-image. In her words, she could “never be skinny enough” which she knew was an unhealthy and self defeating way to manage how she could feel good about herself. So I introduced her to weights and then a gym membership. Did weights and a strong appearance help her self esteem? Today this mother of 4 is strong and confident. She is the leading producer in her company AND started her own small business on the side. Her self esteem and confidence are through the roof now and I am amazed at all she does in a day. And she is not shy in showing off her physique. Confidence and a strong physique looks good on any person. No need to apologize if you intimidate a weaker person. Great post Crossfit Mom!

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