Updates to CrossFit PRs and Maxes for 2018


hot crossfit moms during running event
CrossFit and Running

Last year, I posted on my weightlifting personal records in an effort to assess how much stronger I’ve gotten, so I thought I’d do the same this year.

Back squat:  Previous:  210.  Current PR:  235  Percentage increase:  8.93%

Front squat:  Previous:  175.  Current PR:  175  Percentage increase:  0%

Overhead squat:  Previous:  115 Current PR:  120  Percentage increase:  9.58%

Squat Clean:  Previous:  140  Current PR:  150 Percentage increase:  9.3%

Power Clean:  Previous:  110  Current PR:  135 Percentage increase:  12.27%

Bench Press:  Previous:  102  Current PR:  116  Percentage increase:  8.79%

Split Jerk:  Previous:  140  Current PR:  140  Percentage increase:  0%

Snatch:  Previous:  105  Current PR:  110  Percentage increase:  9.5%

Deadlift:  Previous:  230  Current PR:  235  Percentage increase:  9.7%

My percentages are low, which does not surprise me. Strength has not been a focus for me this last year. I thought I wanted to lift more and more, but I decided the risk of injury wasn’t worth the push. This was because I sprained my wrist trying to PR my squat clean during the Open and realized then being healthy is more important.


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