CrossFit: Update on Ring Muscle Ups

crossfit women practicing ring muscle ups in crossfit
Practicing Ring Muscle Ups CrossFit

I’ve been taking private lessons for over six months now to get my ring muscle up.

And I’m close.

Yesterday, my coach gave me a boost, and I did 10 ring muscle ups with his help. I definitely felt more confident, especially in the catch.

And it was fun!

The reason I do CrossFit is because I don’t ever get bored with it. And ring muscle ups are definitely not boring.

It’s been a long time coming, but I can’t wait for that moment when it happens!

Updates to CrossFit PRs and Maxes for 2018


hot crossfit moms during running event
CrossFit and Running

Last year, I posted on my weightlifting personal records in an effort to assess how much stronger I’ve gotten, so I thought I’d do the same this year.

Back squat:  Previous:  210.  Current PR:  235  Percentage increase:  8.93%

Front squat:  Previous:  175.  Current PR:  175  Percentage increase:  0%

Overhead squat:  Previous:  115 Current PR:  120  Percentage increase:  9.58%

Squat Clean:  Previous:  140  Current PR:  150 Percentage increase:  9.3%

Power Clean:  Previous:  110  Current PR:  135 Percentage increase:  12.27%

Bench Press:  Previous:  102  Current PR:  116  Percentage increase:  8.79%

Split Jerk:  Previous:  140  Current PR:  140  Percentage increase:  0%

Snatch:  Previous:  105  Current PR:  110  Percentage increase:  9.5%

Deadlift:  Previous:  230  Current PR:  235  Percentage increase:  9.7%

My percentages are low, which does not surprise me. Strength has not been a focus for me this last year. I thought I wanted to lift more and more, but I decided the risk of injury wasn’t worth the push. This was because I sprained my wrist trying to PR my squat clean during the Open and realized then being healthy is more important.