Reasons to Workout When You Don’t Want To

hot crossfit chicks rowing in crossfit
Rowing in CrossFit

Today was one of those days no part of me wanted to workout. The top of my foot hurt when I woke up — I’m assuming shoes since I didn’t drop anything on it. I was tired. I had done a HIIT class last night. I was spent.

Scheduled for the day was back squats and box squats. Box squats is where you squat just to the level of the box and stand back up. This allows you to lift heavier weight since you’re not squatting full depth. I haven’t done these in a LONG time. I really didn’t want to do them.

I did do them. And they were fun! Having a heavy load on my back always freaks me out, so I’ve been trying to push myself there more and more so this was great for me.

Next was a sandbag workout. I haven’t done sandbags is a couple of weeks. I had some new moves in the workout and, once I figured out the sandbag, I was golden. My rounds got faster and the workout got funner.

All because I didn’t feel like working out.

Reasons to Workout

Today reminded me of why I workout:

  1. To try new things
  2. To push myself
  3. To have fun

CrossFit is fun, but I think we can get bogged down in the training aspect of it, so we forget.

Advice: do a fun workout now and then to remind yourself why you beat up your body. And have fun doing it!

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