If I Didn’t Have CrossFit, My Life Would Suck

I mean this with every breath that I breathe.

All I really do is CrossFit and work. That’s about it.

I am desperate to move to someplace warmer — preferably a beach. To someplace where there’s a CrossFit community that my daughter can join. To someplace where I can leave my computer behind and not think about it.

I don’t like how I look (story of my life). I’m getting older, so recovery is harder. My kids are leading their own lives now.

So, here I am: Me and CrossFit. And since sometimes CrossFit and me aren’t the best of friends, my life sucks anyway.

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One thought on “If I Didn’t Have CrossFit, My Life Would Suck

  1. I know what you mean… I feel the same about powerlifting…but it occurred to me recently that I should be a big more well-rounded – maybe actively cultivate other pastimes in addition…I’ve got one kid in college and the youngest in high school which means that in a few years my life will consist of just work and training if I’m not careful. There is, or should be, more to life than that…


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