Reasons I Want to Train for the CrossFit Games

I’ve been thinking about my whys for training for the CrossFit Games:


  • I have a dream. I have to do something about it.
  • This can help me with my goal to be a professional vlogger.
  • I could make a difference in others’ lives.
  • I crave excitement
  • I crave something different
  • I crave having a goal in life
  • I want to escape my computer
  • I want to have a better self-body image
  • I want to do something others don’t
  • It’s my chance to do something “big”
  • It gets me through my monotonous days

Ultimately, it gives me a why. I need a why in my life or I can sink into depression. Whether I make it or not is important, but not the end all. It’s the training and the striving that I need.

You can see my initial thoughts on training for the CrossFit Games and subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow along today!

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