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Who Knew I Had Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups?

So, I went to the CrossFit gym today, mainly because the WOD had chest-to-bar (C2B) pull ups, and I wanted to practice my butterfly C2B pull ups.

But I had a problem; I had practiced both C2B and bar muscle ups in my garage yesterday, so when I woke up, I was sore, and my hands still hurt.

I went anyways and told myself to see how it went.

I tried to butterfly but gave up right away; I just didn’t have them in me.

So, I tried strict C2B pulls up, which I haven’t done in years.

And I had them!

Not only that, but I had A LOT of them!

Either I’m getting stronger (I’m sore enough to be getting stronger), or I just didn’t realize I had them.

Either way, it was cool to see, and it gave me renewed confidence that this pain is all worth it.

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Skill Work HAS to be at the Forefront…


I have all these lofty goals after the Open and I feel like I’m slacking.

I’ve pretty much got my butterfly pull-ups dialed in.  I’m working on kipping chest-to-bar and am frustrated because my kip sucks so I can’t quite reach the bar.  I really just want to butterfly them so am undecided on how to concentrate my energy.

Bar muscle-ups.  My nemesis.  I’ve quit for about a month now but now it’s time to up my game on them.  I’m so close.  So very, very close!  I can’t give up.  I can’t get frustrated.  Because I have them.  I just have to string together all the elements.

Practicing my double understanding about 3 times a week so that’s good.

I matched my PR on my squat snatch today 3 times.  I have to get over that mental block.

Jerks are still inhibiting me.  Once it gets over 85 pounds I struggle with multiple reps.  My new plan:  is add a little weight at a time.  Add 2 pounds.  Then 4.  Then 7, etc.  Going from 85 to 95 is killing me and frustrating me.  It’s so bad!

Throw in that I’m unsure what to do with the rest of my life as well and well, I can be pretty depressed to be around as well.  Writing.  Finance.  Who knows?  But right now I’m focusing on getting better at CrossFit.  Cause when CrossFit is going good, then I’m going good.