Crossfit: Whiteboard Classic at CrossFit Arvada

Jumps in Crossfit

Crossfit Madness: This weekend was the Whiteboard Classic CrossFit Competition at CrossFit Arvada, a suburb of Denver, CO.

My partner & I entered the female/female scaled division. We did pretty good until the third workout or WOD, which involved a sandbag hoist–something neither of us has ever done before. We had to sit on the ground and pull a 50 pound sandbag up to the ceiling and lower it back down.

The learning curve was substantial & we lost our placing because of it. It was also brutally hot out–near 100 degrees most of the day. I’ve learned I don’t do well in the heat

It was a fun day though. A group of us from CrossFit Endure showed up & had a great time encouraging one another, cheering, and congratulating the personal wins.


One of the reasons to enter a CrossFit Competition is it forces you to do things you wouldn’t do otherwise (like the sandbag hoist).  It takes your comfort zone away and before you think about it, you just do it!

For me personally, this CrossFit competition taught me that I can jump a lot higher than previously thought, and I do better in the cold. And once I get tired everything goes.

There’s nothing easy about CrossFit competitions.  Doing four workouts in a day is brutal. Add in other factors such as the weather (heat), slight body tweaks here and there (pulls and strains), and challenging equipment at a location you’ve most likely never been to and the day turns into a lot of work instead of play.


However, if you’re one of those people who thrive on diversity, live to push yourself both mentally and physically to unknown locales, and the challenge is more important to you than the win, CrossFit competitions are for you.

You’ll meet a lot of new people, get some cool swag (t-shirts, supplements, protein bars, and more), and maybe even a podium spot!

But importantly, at the end of the day, you will experience what everyone at a CrossFit competition is seeking whether they know it or not: a sense of accomplishment.

  • Doing something else others can’t or won’t
  • Pushing yourself to the extreme and to the edge of mental and physical exertion
  • An indescribably boost psyche that will get you through the tough challenges of your life

CrossFit competitions are thus more than just the physical challenge of it.  For some, they’re what gets you through the rough patches in life and what will take you to the next level in whatever your goals are in life.


And CrossFit competitions are fun!  An amazing community coming together to celebrate you!  What you can do.  How far you can push.  How far you’ve grown.

I challenge you to enter one today.  You’ll never know unless you try.