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CrossFit: Knowing Your Limitations

I posted last week about CrossFit Hero Workout Chad, which is 1,000 step ups wearing a weight vest.

I don’t say this often, but that will be the last time I do that workout.

I love CrossFit, and I love the Hero Workouts, which are meant to push you to your limits as you honor a fallen soldier who fought and died for our country. I love doing these in their memory.

However, I cannot do Chad again.

It’s been three days. My right calf is finally “fine.” My left calf is still locked up and extremely tight. I can’t walk without a limp. It hurts to touch it. This sucks.

Again, my normal CrossFit workouts have been completely ruined.

I’m just too old to do these things, like running a 10k. I’m in incredible shape, but that doesn’t mean I can beat my body up and not suffer the consequences.

I don’t know why I do these things to myself. They are challenging and fun at the end once you’ve done them, but the after effects on my are devastating.

I just can’t keep doing this, and I guess I have to learn the hard way it seems.

I Like To Think I’m Invincible…

but I’m not.

My arms were super sore after Murph on Saturday.  Which surprised me because I’ve been doing Murph every month for the past two months and was fine afterwards.

But what I hadn’t been doing was the workout I did on the Thursday BEFORE Murph:

3 thrusters, 10 pull ups, 4 thrusters, 10 pull ups, etc through 12 thrusters and and it was an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).

Which meant I did 140 pull ups (all strict).

Murph 2018 1
My new favorite photo.  Check out my lats!

Not the smartest thing to do before Murph. But I never think of the number of reps involved and how many I’ll actually do.  I didn’t think I’d get that far in the first place.

Which is besides the point.

The point is I’m pushing myself really, really hard these days, and it catches up eventually.

The nice part is now that I’m doing my own programming I’m constantly adjusting it based on how I feel.  I plan for the week, but change it as I go along.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this life I lead.  Immensely.

I may not be invincible.  But I am unstoppable.