CrossFit: Fourth of July Murph…

CrossFit Hero Workout Murph

Time for my monthly Murph update.  Murph is a CrossFit Heros workout consisting of a

Pull Ups

mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 sit ups, and 300 air squats and ending with a 1 mile run.

I waited for the 4th of July to do this since it’s our Independence Day and Lieutenant Michael Murphy died for our freedom.

This time I did it strict. And no pressure on me. I wasn’t trying to PR (personal record or beat my previous time). I was just looking for a good workout to celebrate our freedoms.

My time was 45:52.  I wore a vest, but jogged the mile runs for about 11 minute miles.  The pull ups were slower, but overall not bad.

If you’re a CrossFitter, then you know every workout (almost) is for time.  Try doing one not for time some time.  It’s a whole other world…


I Like To Think I’m Invincible…

but I’m not.

My arms were super sore after Murph on Saturday.  Which surprised me because I’ve been doing Murph every month for the past two months and was fine afterwards.

But what I hadn’t been doing was the workout I did on the Thursday BEFORE Murph:

3 thrusters, 10 pull ups, 4 thrusters, 10 pull ups, etc through 12 thrusters and and it was an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).

Which meant I did 140 pull ups (all strict).

Murph 2018 1
My new favorite photo.  Check out my lats!

Not the smartest thing to do before Murph. But I never think of the number of reps involved and how many I’ll actually do.  I didn’t think I’d get that far in the first place.

Which is besides the point.

The point is I’m pushing myself really, really hard these days, and it catches up eventually.

The nice part is now that I’m doing my own programming I’m constantly adjusting it based on how I feel.  I plan for the week, but change it as I go along.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this life I lead.  Immensely.

I may not be invincible.  But I am unstoppable.

Lessons From Workouts that Used to Kill You are Now Easy…

Murph is getting easier and easier for me.  I’ve now done it once a month for 2 months and already it’s not all that bad.

Murph is legendary among CrossFit workouts.  Every CrossFitter knows it and has probably done it at least once.  It’s traditionally performed on Memorial Day to remember Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was a Navy SEAL killed in action fighting for our freedoms.  It’s about remembering all of our veterans who give the greatest sacrifice for future generations.  A scholarship foundation has been set up in his honor.  Find out more HEREImage result for murph

My stressors have definitely gone up.  You expose the body to more and more and it adapts amazingly well.  I’ve upped my game, and it has helped my confidence tremendously.

It started last week where I decided to do my own programming.  It really started before that about a year ago when I decided to do my own strength and accessory work.  But it’s just been recently I’ve upped it a notch–a big notch.  There’s just so much to do I find myself constantly at it whenever I get the chance.

Ah, so many goals….

So little time…

Murph for Easter…

I’ve made a commitment to do Murph once a month.

Pulling Murph

Celebrating our freedom from sin seemed like a good time to start.

For those of you unfamiliar with CrossFit, Murph is a Hero Workout, named after Lieutenant Michael Murphy , a Navy Seal, who died fighting for our freedoms.  This was one of his favorite workouts and it is traditionally done by most CrossFit boxes on Memorial Day in his honor.  The workout is:  1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, and then finish it off with a 1 mile run.

This is one of my absolute favorite workouts, and I’ve been itching to do it for a while now but with the Open and my wrist, it didn’t happen until now.

I PR’ed by 2 minutes.  Butterfly pull-ups and my run made the difference.

Did get a couple of blood blisters on my hands from the 100 pull ups.

Totally worth it.

I needed this one.  Mentally more than anything.  Plus, I love to go long and it’s rarely programmed due to time constraints at the gym.

Side Note:  I woke up today not sore at all.  When I used to do this workout, it would destroy me for a few days.  It was actually the first workout I ever did in CrossFit.  I know I work hard and am fit, but it doesn’t hit me how fit until I do something like this.

Happy Easter, one and all!

Murph: Vest or No Vest?

michael-murphyMemorial Day is right around the corner and with Memorial Day for most CrossFitters comes Murph.  Murph is a hero workout named after Michael Murphy who was a Navy SEAL who died in Afghanistan protecting our freedom.

It is:  1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run.

RX includes a 20 lb vest for the men and a 14 pound vest for the ladies.  It was performed in the CrossFit Games 2015.

I’ve done a full Murph 3 times now and a half Murph 3 times.  Last time I did a full Murph, I felt it was too easy for me.  And I had run a 5k directly before it.  This morning I did a half Murph (but kept the 2 mile run) and it was REALLY easy.  Hence, I’m thinking of doing Murph on Memorial Day with the vest.

What do you all think?  Have you done Murph with a vest?