CrossFit is My Escape…

We all have something.

A hobby.  A place.  A friend.  A spouse.  A job.  An activity.  A pet.

A place where we can forget about all the stupid shit that happens to us in this very broken world and just be.  The place to leave all of our worries behind.

For me, that place is CrossFit.Image result for horses in the distance

There’s something about arriving at the gym, turning up the volume on my favorite playlist, and working up a sweat.  There’s something about doing things others can’t.  There’s something about accomplishing small feats that lead to personal goals that is indescribable and vitally needed in my world.

Whatever this “something” is that my mind needs is addictive.  I can’t go long without it.  It clears my mind.  Enables me to be a better person to others.  Be a better mom.  A better wife.  A better friend.  Relieves stress and anxiety.  Worry and woes.  Enables me to live the life God wants me to live.  Otherwise, me as a person would be buried with all the evil in this world I’d just give up and not accomplish anything.  What good would that do anyone?

Every morning I wake up with the one goal in mind:  CrossFit.  It gets me out of bed (ok, truthfully the thought of coffee does but CrossFit is a close second!).  It gets me moving.  It gets me preparing.  It gets my chores done around the house so I can leave.  It stabilizes me.

When I return, I feel satiated.  Satisfied.  Ready to take on the crap the world will inevitably drop at my feet.

And when the ball drops, mentally I’m ready.  From an obnoxious customer at work, to my kids disobeying, to traffic, to the line at the grocery store or the bank, to the little things my family does that drive me nuts, to cleaning my house, laundry, dishes, and to all the other little things in this world I don’t want to do…


All thanks to CrossFit.

How about you?