Why I Can’t CrossFit at Night

I went to do a workout at 4:30 pm this week. Not late, right?

Well, for my body, it’s late.

I’m used to working out early in the morning. When I vary my routine, my whole body is thrown into a tizzy. I usually don’t feel good afterwards.

Why Routines are Important

Your body is conditioned for habit. In fact, you function better when you’re on a schedule. Every time you have to make a decision, you are adding stress to your life. The more daily decisions you have to make, the more out of control you’ll feel according to psychologists.

CrossFit One Arm Front Squat
CrossFit One Arm Front Squat

When you program routine into your life, you:

  • Sleep better
  • Make better big decisions
  • Have more time for family
  • Have more time for hobbies

When you switch things up, be prepared for a major protest.

When it Takes Everything You Have to Get through a CrossFit WOD

This week, it took everything I had to get through it. There was a run programmed. I think what I did could be classified as a run, but a 5k race pace it was definitely not.

It was hard. My body protested every movement.

Lessons from Varying CrossFit Workout Routines:

  • Listen to your body. Scale when you need to scale. Half-ass when you need to.
  • Try to get extra rest the night ahead of time. This will help get you through the day and prepare your body for the variance.
  • Plan your meals accordingly. You’ll most likely have to switch up your eating times when you switch your workout routine.
  • Maximize recovery drinks and food afterwards. Drink extra water because your body will need it.

I love going to CrossFit classes with my community, so I will continue to strive to make it to classes even when my body protests.

You only live once. Make the most of it.