Santa Catch 5k run Windsor CO

Running in Colorado: Santa Catch 5k Windsor, CO

Last week, I posted on how I enjoy the feeling of being sore and called it sadistic soreness. This does not translate to the feeling of being cold.

I hate being cold, so it’s always iffy when you sign up for a 5k in December. But The Turkey Trot was cancelled this year because of snow, so I was itching to run one.

This day in December was cold and icy, and to be blunt, utterly miserable.

My 5k time was ok. I had to slow way down on all of the icy spots and try to make up time where it wasn’t icy (which was few and far between). I ended up second in my age group, 15th overall. This was pretty good.

I wish I could say “never again,” but I’ll probably sign up to shiver my ass off next year.

Fighting the Cold…

Today is a lifting day.

It was freezing cold in my garage this morning.

The bar was cold to the touch.

But I had to lift.

And now was the time.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So I run upstairs.  Grab my heater.  Plug it in.  Bundle up.  And get to work.

Time flew and before I knew it, I was sweating.

Getting going is the hard part in life.

I urge you to take that first step today.

Get going.

You’ll be glad you did!