CrossFit: Being Pissed Off at My Body

crossfitmomm doing handstand walks crossfit colorado crossfit babe
Handstand Walks CrossFit

I’m injured.


This time it’s a calf strain. I rested one week but then ran three miles on Saturday, and it’s back. It’s annoying as hell.

Now, I’m going to have to wait two weeks probably. No running or jumping.

This just sucks. I’m pissed off at my body, my age, my inability to bounce back from these things. Yet, there’s nothing I can do but wait.

As much as it sucks.

9 thoughts on “CrossFit: Being Pissed Off at My Body

  1. Part of the reason you keep getting injured is because you are not giving your body enough rest. Rest is a VERY important part of training. It allows your body time to rebuild. If you don’t rest, you just keep breaking your body down even more, which makes matters worse. The more you break down your body without proper rest in between, the more damage you create, making it harder and harder to recuperate after. i am speaking from experience, plus I am also a fitness instructor myself.

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  2. I know all too well how that feels. All I can say is, just do your best. We all expect perfection from ourselves, and the truth of the matter is, perfection isn’t possible. I keep telling myself that every single day. Please know that I admire your determination. I hope you feel better soon. 💛

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  3. After I ruptured my l5 disc several years ago I had to adjust to a new normal. But that did not stop me… I just do the best I can. Sometimes you take a short break and although it is frustrating you get back at it ASAP.

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