When All You Can Do is Row

I woke up today extremely sore. I had done a CrossFit Hero Workout, Lorenzo, the day before and did a HIIT workout at Orange Theory. I had no mental capacity to do anything.

Still, I got dressed like I did. I put on all my gear and headed to the garage.

I grabbed my barbell. I did one power snatch with an empty bar. Then I abruptly put the barbell back.

I hit my TruForm runner. Even that didnt’ feel good.

So, I ended up on my rower. It was the only thing that actually felt decent and that I had the mental capacity to do. So, I rowed for a bit. Did some farmer’s carry just to get up off the rower. And then I rowed some more.

There are days in CrossFit when all you can do is row.

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