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When All You Can Do is Row

I woke up today extremely sore. I had done a CrossFit Hero Workout, Lorenzo, the day before and did a HIIT workout at Orange Theory. I had no mental capacity to do anything.

Still, I got dressed like I did. I put on all my gear and headed to the garage.

I grabbed my barbell. I did one power snatch with an empty bar. Then I abruptly put the barbell back.

I hit my TruForm runner. Even that didnt’ feel good.

So, I ended up on my rower. It was the only thing that actually felt decent and that I had the mental capacity to do. So, I rowed for a bit. Did some farmer’s carry just to get up off the rower. And then I rowed some more.

There are days in CrossFit when all you can do is row.

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Orange Theory’s Dri Tri

Orange Theory's Dri Tri in Fort Collins, CO
Orange Theory’s Dri Tri

Yesterday, I did Orange Theory’s Dri Tri. The Dry Tri consists of:

  1. 2000 m row for time
  2. 300 body weight repetitions (20 push-ups | 20 bench tap squats | 20 burpees | 40 step ups | 30 bench hop overs | 20 plank jacks)
  3. 5k run

As some of you know, I’ve been battling a calf injury so this was my first time back running. It went well. I invested in compression sleeves; I don’t have any calf strains today so far. And this was fun. Orange Theory’s Dri Tri is twice a year (the next one is in September), so I think I’m going to try and use this as a benchmark in the future.

I finished in 44 minutes, with my 5k time being 24:29, which was good considering I haven’t run a 5k since Thanksgiving, and it was our last exercise. I did well on my 2000 m row as well.


  • Running a 5k on a treadmill is hard. You have no one to overtake or to aim for. You have nothing to look at. And if the music is not your jam (which it wasn’t), you’re completely unmotivated to finish — except by the fact you want to be done.
  • 2000 m row was the perfect warm up.
  • Dri Tri should be offered in the mornings as well — give me a 5 am time slot for this any day. 2:30 pm in the afternoon was my down time. This was thus challenging for me to get started.
  • Cool swag. I got a Dri Tri hand towel and a Dri Tri water bottle. This was definitely unexpected. Thank you, Orange Theory!

Great workout put on by Orange Theory. I got the most splat points (which is Orange Theory speak for when you’re working about your 84% target heart rate) ever, which is hard for me to do since I have such a low resting heart rate and am in such good shape. I had a good time. This was fun. I’ll see ya in September!