I Strung Together Two Bar Muscle-ups Today!!

I’m so excited!!!

I love it when you accomplish a goal in CrossFit.  It’s the best feeling ever!2016 Open Standards

Like first pull-ups, rope climb, double under, bar muscle-up, etc.

I’ve been trying for a few weeks now to link bar muscle-ups, doing drills off of WodPrep.com‘s suggestions such as starting at the top of a bar muscle up and just practicing.

Today I did two in a row!

It was ugly and sloppy and I definitely “muscled it up”.  But I was so happy!

Goal accomplished…

Now, it’s just getting better technique and more and more…

God, do I LOVE CrossFit….

My First Bar Muscle-Up!!

sara-sigmundsdottir-bar-muscle-upsYesterday, I finally got my first bar muscle up!!

After the Open, I quit practicing them and instead focused on butterfly pull-ups and getting stronger.  I was just so frustrated how I was so close yet so far away.

I signed up for an online bar muscle-up course (info HERE), thinking, “I need someone to motivate me or I’ll never do them again.”  We had to submit a baseline video so I told a gal at CrossFit to video me–and I almost got one just jumping up and not really trying!

So the one I got I had horrible, horrible form with a classic chicken wing, but I got it!

It was such a confidence boost.  I can do one!

Now, with this course and my new confidence, I plan on getting more and more and more!

This is what I love about CrossFit:  accomplishing a goal and getting better and better.  And there’s always something to improve upon.  Always.