My Experience with Online Courses…

Yesterday, I posted on CrossFit’s online running course.  This is a course where you sit, watch modules, and then apply the information.

Today, I want to discuss online courses that are interactive, participatory and–dare I say it–HAVE HOMEWORK!!

I’ve invested in a few online courses designed to teach you a particular skill.

A bar muscle up course.

Got ’em.

Handstand walks.



High hopes.

And I’ve learned a few things:

  1.  Accountability is HUGE!  Someone to program for you and cheer you on is priceless.
  2. If you pay for it, you’ll do it.  After the Open last year, I was so frustrated with bar muscle ups that I gave them up.  For months.  I saw WODPrep‘s course sometime in the summer and jumped on it.  Since I was paying for it, I got onboard and within a couple of weeks I had bar muscle ups (even though they were messy).  Money is a great motivator.
  3. You have to do the work.  Every skill in life (be it CrossFit skills such as double unders or learning to play the guitar or even typing) takes practice and work.  If you don’t put in the work, how do you expect to master it?
  4. Devote 20 minutes a day.  That’s it.  You do this every day, day in and day out, you’ll be amazed how this accumulates over the course of a year.

Who should take online courses?

  1. Those who aren’t getting the time or attention from teachers or coaches.  Let’s face it:  CrossFit coaches are busy people.  Devoting time to individuals without paying for one-on-ones is hard to do.  Hence, this is a great compromise for those self-motivated enough to do the work.
  2. Those who can’t make it to the gym regularly and/or have odd work schedules that change constantly.  Online courses are those you can do any time, any place.
  3. Those who want to focus on ONE thing such as bar muscles ups or double unders.  You move at your pace on your time without having to waste time waiting on others to catch up.
  4. Everyone!  If you’re willing to do the work, you can learn anything in life.  Piano, guitar, basketball, swimming, computer programming, dog training, you name it.  Seize life and all it offers before it’s gone!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

This saying is even more apropos in the digital age.  Someone somewhere in the world can help you. All you have to do is Google!

I Become Obsessive When I Can’t Do Something…

Anyone else like this?

My current goal is to have handstand walks by the Open.

I know, it’s a lofty goal, and I don’t know if I’ll make it.  But I’m working my butt off trying.

And it’s become a bit obsessive at this point.

Every chance I get I’m flipping around.  I’m trying to hold my handstand longer.  Trying to get my kick ups right every time.  Doing my WodPrep course I signed up for on my off days from strength.  Having my gymnastic daughter teach me all the tricks and spot me.  Practicing, practicing, practicing–that’s what I’m doing.

And it’s hard to stop.

I had to stop to write this post.

But only after a got in one more handstand!

Any time I can’t do something I become obsessed until I can.  Because I know with enough practice and hard work I can do anything.  This applies to life as well.  Writing novels.  Learning a new computer program.  Changing jobs and mastering it.  I constantly have to be challenged or I get bored and move on.  This is why CrossFit is my passion.  Because there’s always something to work on, something to improve, or something to learn.

Without it (or whatever it is you crave in your life), you’re just going through the motions and life loses its meaning.

And who wants that?

I Strung Together Two Bar Muscle-ups Today!!

I’m so excited!!!

I love it when you accomplish a goal in CrossFit.  It’s the best feeling ever!2016 Open Standards

Like first pull-ups, rope climb, double under, bar muscle-up, etc.

I’ve been trying for a few weeks now to link bar muscle-ups, doing drills off of‘s suggestions such as starting at the top of a bar muscle up and just practicing.

Today I did two in a row!

It was ugly and sloppy and I definitely “muscled it up”.  But I was so happy!

Goal accomplished…

Now, it’s just getting better technique and more and more…

God, do I LOVE CrossFit….