getting better at crossfit

You Have to Do the Work In CrossFit: No One Will Help You

If you want to get better or improve your CrossFit game, you have to be prepared to do the work yourself. You can’t count on anyone to help you.

I’m trying to get better at bar muscle ups and get my ring muscle ups, as well as butterfly chest to bar pull ups. I’m working on my own to do this.

The reality is that in a one-hour CrossFit class, there’s only so much that the CrossFit coach can do, and with a dozen other people, their job is to keep everyone safe.

If you want to get better, prepare to work.

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The Day I Knew I Was Good at CrossFit…


Lately, I’ve been near the top of the leader board in my box pretty consistently.  I’ve gotten my bar muscle up.  I’m perfected my butterfly pull-ups.  I’m doing my own strength program so I’m getting stronger and the heavier weights in WOD’s don’t affect me as much and I can move much more more easily.

Today was the day I realized though that I am really good.  REALLY.

We had an Open Test WOD of:

50 wallballs

50 double unders

40 box jumps

40 toes to bar

30 chest to bar pull ups

30 burpees

20 squat cleans (100 lbs for women)

20 jerks (100 lbs)
10 muscle ups

I did the wall balls and the double unders unbroken in record time.  I was the first to all the movements.  I had the highest score (even amongst the boys).  What slowed me down were the TTB and the C2B (2 moves I’m gonna work once I’m done with my muscle-up course).

I’ve really grown as an athlete since the Open.  It gave me the impetus to get better, to improve my moves (and get new ones), and to give it my all.

There’s something about CrossFit that’s hard to explain to non-CrossFiters.  But I work very hard at it and the passion builds.  I get frustrated just like everyone else.  But in the end I push harder and the work gets done.  And I win.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?